Romantic Love Poems

Anniversary Nine

Together at last, Face time mostly in the past, Our future has started this time.   This emotion we call love, As if sent from above, Continues past this anniversary nine.   The meal is now done, No word yet from my Hon’, I hope she is doing all right.   I love her so [...]


Holiday Love

What a wonderful Christmas A happy New Year’s awaits us too What a joyous holiday time To be spending with you!   With love in our hearts And a twinkle in our eye I am still trying to woo you In a hope that you will continue to be mine.   I love you, I [...]


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Romantic Love Letters


Lucy, I am completely devoted to you. I love you. I am yours.


Six Months Anniversary

Lucy, Six months ago you reached out to me with a simple “Hi There”. Today I can only see a future which includes you. Today, I can only see a future with you as my best life friend. You, Lucy, are the woman about which my dreams have dared to dream. You are my love. [...]


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