Romantic Love Poems

The Journey

You know how it started, miles apart, The door was closed into each other’s hearts. Enabling technology a new friend of mine, Me working at home, you with your son in line.   Our paths so different, so diverse, yet not, When we talked for both it was time forgot. Fast forward to lonely nights, [...]


Alone No More

Lucy,    I love you,    I want to share every part of your life.   Lucy,    I adore you,    I yearn for when you are my wife.   Sharing our joys, thoughts and dreams upon stars, Holding you so close, whether from near or a far.   Helping each other with our [...]


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Romantic Love Letters

Can You Feel It?

Lucy, Can you feel it yet? Can you feel the vulnerability, the honesty, the passion, the sincerity, the fidelity and the virtue of my love? I sincerely hope you do, sweetheart. I have felt it for a long time. I certainly feel all of these attributes of your love for me. You truly touch my [...]


You’ve Made It

Lucy, You’ve made it! Only one more day to go. I sincerely hope that with each envelope opened, with each poem, letter and heart felt thought you have felt just a little bit more loved, more desired, more secure and more wanted than you have ever felt at any time of your life. And I [...]


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