Romantic Love Poems

The Journey

You know how it started, miles apart, The door was closed into each other’s hearts. Enabling technology a new friend of mine, Me working at home, you with your son in line.   Our paths so different, so diverse, yet not, When we talked for both it was time forgot. Fast forward to lonely nights, [...]


How I Feel

Despite Lucy what you may think, read or see, It truly is very hard these poems for me. To put into words, into phrase, into rhyme, How I feel about you sweetheart all of the time.   To say ‘I love you’ is so true yet fails, To say ‘I adore you’ does truly pale. [...]


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Romantic Love Letters


Lucy, From you I have learned that: To live is not to stand on the sidelines To receive joy is a constant knowing you are mine To focus on the important, letting the rest slide To have happiness is when  you are by my side To love you, and be love by you, Is truly [...]


I Love You To My Core

Lucy, I love you. Let me say that again, dear. I   L O V E   you. You bring such joy into my life. You bring such peace and tranquility into my soul. You give me such comfort, simply knowing that you love me. You honestly do, Nancy, make me whole. I love you to my [...]


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