Romantic Love Poems


Your tenderness and caring, Your compassion and thoughtfulness, Your gift of time and strength, Your spirit and playfulness.   Your understanding and interest, Your gentleness and giving, Your wisdom and guidance, You have turned my life into truly living.   I am so in love, Lucy, because of you.


How Can I Not?

You say that you didn’t ask me to run, Yet you like surprises. You say I don’t have to wake up to talk with you, Soon before the sun also rises.   To change the bathroom faucet, Is a big deal? Not true. Letting a desire, need or dream of yours be unfulfilled Would be [...]


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Romantic Love Letters

Your Gifts

Lucy, Thank you for all your gifts. And, you know that I am not referring to your gifts to me which cost money. You know, sweetheart, that I am referring to your gifts of (read very slowly please): Love Tenderness Time Sincerity Honesty Guidance Empathy Compassion Wisdom Faith Intimacy Playfulness … and so much more. [...]


Thank You

Lucy, Thank you. What for this time, you ask? Thank you for making me believe that anything is possible as long as: I have you in my life, you love me you respect me you care for me, and you allow me to love you. Thank you for making me believe that I can actually [...]


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