Romantic Love Poems

Alone No More

Lucy,    I love you,    I want to share every part of your life.   Lucy,    I adore you,    I yearn for when you are my wife.   Sharing our joys, thoughts and dreams upon stars, Holding you so close, whether from near or a far.   Helping each other with our [...]


How Can I Not?

You say that you didn’t ask me to run, Yet you like surprises. You say I don’t have to wake up to talk with you, Soon before the sun also rises.   To change the bathroom faucet, Is a big deal? Not true. Letting a desire, need or dream of yours be unfulfilled Would be [...]


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Romantic Love Letters

You’ve Made It

Lucy, You’ve made it! Only one more day to go. I sincerely hope that with each envelope opened, with each poem, letter and heart felt thought you have felt just a little bit more loved, more desired, more secure and more wanted than you have ever felt at any time of your life. And I [...]


Simple, To The Point

Lucy, I love you with all my heart, truly. Happy Anniversary.


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