Romantic Love Poems

Love Is

Love is selfless; doing with no desire for any return, Love is motivating; to maximize your love’s happiness and pleasure, Love is x-ray vision; seeing well beyond that which is seen.   Love is simple; it is easy, natural, comfortable, effortless. Love is joy; joy in its purest form. Love is respect; giving and receiving [...]



My sweetheart, I am so amazed by you.   By every kind and tender word you say, By every glance and look my way.   By every act of love you take, By every laugh at some joke I make.   By every touch and caress from you I feel, By every ‘you have all [...]


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Romantic Love Letters

Thank You

Lucy, Thank you. What for this time, you ask? Thank you for making me believe that anything is possible as long as: I have you in my life, you love me you respect me you care for me, and you allow me to love you. Thank you for making me believe that I can actually [...]



Lucy, From you I have learned that: To live is not to stand on the sidelines To receive joy is a constant knowing you are mine To focus on the important, letting the rest slide To have happiness is when  you are by my side To love you, and be love by you, Is truly [...]


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